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September 24, 2011

Just a test post – I’m now!


Weekly Wish List – Week 3

September 23, 2011

Mink Leather Waistcoat by Mint Velvet – £199

Knitted Button Headband by New Look – £3.99

Guipure Lace Peter Pan Blouse by Topshop – £34

Black Flower Lace Ankle Socks by Topshop – £5

Lace Panel Pleat Tunic by Topshop – £38

About Arianne Adel Brogues by Whistles – £195

Leather Necklace by House of Harlow 1960 @ ASOS – £75

Longline Blazer Jacket by Miss Selfridge – £55

I’ve been so inspired by leather and lace recently – There is so much around and I recently did a little something at work and I wanted to wear everything I had picked… The joys of working in fashion, eh? Bad on my bank balance. I reaalllyyy want these brogues – I’ve seen them in real life and they are so soft. Also the waistcoat is something I used at work and it is amazing, I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

This week has been mental at work. To cut a long story short we used to have a team of four + manager but this week I’ve been by myself… I’m absolutely shattered! Tonight I’m home alone so I treated myself to a Nandos and now I’m catching up on the new seasons of TV shows… So far I’ve watched Glee (I’m guilty of being a show tunes fan), How I Met Your Mother (Still going strong after all these years), Castle (It’s still a load of crap), Two and a Half Men (Ashton Kutcher… Come on!) and Parenthood (I hate how it will never be as good as Brothers & Sisters (RIP)). I still have The Big Bang Theory and Greys Anatomy, as well as our telly shows – Made in Chelsea and other rubbish like that. Just in case anyone is also a massive TV geek. And I haven’t even checked out the new US pilots for this season yet! #geek

Elbow pad wonder

September 20, 2011

These photos were taken last Sunday when I visited my family. I wore this to the car boot, and I think teamed with the topknot it was suitably hobo-ish to get a good bargain. This weekend was great though – on Sunday we went to Covent Garden for a little wander, and then to Soho where I tried “The Best Brownie in London” from Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, which had been brought to my attention by David Lebovitz. It was good and had the perfect texture, but was maybe a little too rich (shock horror!) for even my sweet tooth. Even so, I’m glad I tried it. We then had the most ah-mazing Autumn clean of the flat (call me boring, I love a good deep clean).

Internet world-wise I have finally made the switch to Firefox. Yes, I think I was the only person still using Internet Explorer (hey, I’ve used it for 80% of my internet life, and I was a fan of the newest version), but I was getting sick of its hatred of Blogger commenting. I can now comment on a Blogspot Blog without reloading the page 128471 times. I found Firefox was awkward when posting this post for copy&paste, but after a quick Google I found this article on fixing the glitch in WordPress. Aaanyway, I’m also going to be moving to a self-hosted domain in the next few weeks, but when I have money. Exciting but it will most probably be stressful moving and redirecting my blog. If anyone has done a to move (I know most fashion bloggers use Blogger) please do get in touch!

Jumpsuit by Therapy @ House of Fraser

Cardigan by H&M

Loafers by Primark


September 18, 2011

On Friday I got stuck in a service lift at work for an hour. In between floors. I even prized the doors open (damaging my oldest ring in the process. Locked lift doors are stubborn) when it clanked to a stop and saw brick. While I was sitting on the floor, looking up at the mannequins standing above me, I really hoped I wasn’t going to die… at work. Of course, there was little chance I was going to die (unless the cable snapped or the oxygen ran out), but let me tell you it was the longest hour of my life. I was so bored! I didn’t have a watch or a phone, or anything to entertain myself (when I told the boyf this later on, he said he would have fashioned a ball out of the rubbish in there… my mistake). It was a strange experience though – I wasn’t scared or claustrophobic, I was just left with my thoughts and the odd person coming to a lift door and shouting to me. I thought about my boyfriend, my friends, my family, if I was going to get out in time to say goodbye to Carly on her last day, how strange my skin was, what my last words were, what I ate last (a slither of carrot cake I had made), what song I last heard, if I would mention this on my blog (obviously)… I tried not to think of the lift cable.

Top by Primark

Cardigan by Urban Outfitters (Sample sale)

Skirt by H&M

Tights by New Look

Socks by H&M

Loafers by Primark

Nails in Revenge by 17 (purple shimmer) and Shimmy Shake by Collection 2000 (gold sparkle)

PS. This H&M skirt is the best skirt in the world, I am currently living in it. I was also ~*skirt twinz*~ with my friend Carly on her penultimate day at work because everyone wants it! My two-tone nails were really easy too, here is a video tutorial but all you need is two nail colours and a sponge.


Weekly Wish List – Week 2

September 17, 2011

I’ve forgotten about my weekly wish list for the last three weeks. Well, lets just call it teething problems, shall we? Without further ado, here is my wish list for this week.

Knitted Colour Block Jumper by Topshop – £44

Adele Double Leopard Dress by Whistles – £150

Black Chelsea Boots by Topshop (no name?) – £40

Luis Zip Clutch by Motel – £19

Foxy Ringo by Temporary Secretary – £12

Dalmatian Print Shorts by Topshop Unique – £75

Loco Hoodie by French Connection – £40

Car booty

September 14, 2011

I had such an amazing time at the car boot sale last Sunday when I was visiting my parents for the weekend! I spent £8 (including the 50p each for my mum and me to get in) – these are some of the things I found. I also got some clothes, but I’m sure they will find themselves being featured on here soon in an outfit post or two! I saw some old lady clothes hidden at the back of a plastic sheet, and the woman who was selling them was absolutely baffled by my delight in the midi floral pleated skirts. I absolutely love car boot sales! They remind me of when I was younger when me, my mum and my sister all got up extra early on a Sunday morning (after sorting through our clothes, videos (aaah, VHS.) and toys (sob) for weeks beforehand) to set up pitch at the local car boot. I would be freezing, hungry and slightly tired, but I still loved it. The smell of my mum’s instant coffee when she opened the thermos. The silly games me and my sister would play while my mum collected punters money. The money I had “earned” being spent on equally rubbish little bits and pieces from other people’s stalls which I would think were amazing at the time… or at least until I got home that afternoon. I went to a car boot in Battersea a few months ago, and was rather disappointed – it was overly crowded and ridiculously overpriced. Me and the boyf were hot and unimpressed, and we lasted about an hour before heading off. I think I’ll stay clear of London car boots for the moment… Unless anyone else has had a better experience? In the meantime, I will save my car boot visits for when I go back to my parents house for the weekend.

A gorgeous glass pot which I have used for delicate rings and hair clips. The lid has a mirror on the inside. Kicking myself I didn’t get the matching other two! I think it was 50p in the end.

My mum found this pop up New York map for me when I go there next February.

Hedgehog hedgerow tin tray (25p).

Glass jar which I have used for cotton wool balls (20p), and I picked up the Stella half pint for the boyf (25p).

What do we have here?

A brownie! Not sure if it’s in working condition, but I had to have it for a mere 50p. I’d found a (slightly better) box brownie a few stalls before but the guy was asking £20 for it. That is an excellent price, but I couldn’t justify it. Instead, I went for the 50p bargain.

Picked up these Beatrix Potter books for the boyf – all four for £1.

This was marked 10p…

… I liked the Ipswich lettering, so I got it but she gave it to me for free when I bought…

… This lovely vintage leather bag for £1.

Happy days.

Back to life

September 12, 2011

Dress by Label Lab @ House of Fraser

Cardigan by H&M

Loafers by Primark

I had a really great weekend away- the highlight of the couple of days was definitely the meal we had on Saturday night. I had the most amazing spinach and ricotta tortelloni… As a vegetarian I usually find that eating out at a restaurant is mainly average especially if it is some kind of pasta. But this was like no other pasta I have ever had!! Everyone had a try of it and agreed that it was the best dish. Vegetarians rule! Me and my mum also went to a carboot sale on Sunday and I got some pretty great things, and only spent £8 (including the 50p each to get in)! I will share what I found soon enough, but I need to have a little break first. So now we are home, I have lots of clothes to wash, and I am relaxing until 6am tomorrow morning when I return to work. Joys! By the way, this outfit was taken last week but I somehow forgot about the photos. I had woken up at 2am that morning and hadn’t managed to get back to sleep! So, yeah, that was a difficult day at work.