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Elbow pad wonder

September 20, 2011

These photos were taken last Sunday when I visited my family. I wore this to the car boot, and I think teamed with the topknot it was suitably hobo-ish to get a good bargain. This weekend was great though – on Sunday we went to Covent Garden for a little wander, and then to Soho where I tried “The Best Brownie in London” from Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, which had been brought to my attention by David Lebovitz. It was good and had the perfect texture, but was maybe a little too rich (shock horror!) for even my sweet tooth. Even so, I’m glad I tried it. We then had the most ah-mazing Autumn clean of the flat (call me boring, I love a good deep clean).

Internet world-wise I have finally made the switch to Firefox. Yes, I think I was the only person still using Internet Explorer (hey, I’ve used it for 80% of my internet life, and I was a fan of the newest version), but I was getting sick of its hatred of Blogger commenting. I can now comment on a Blogspot Blog without reloading the page 128471 times. I found Firefox was awkward when posting this post for copy&paste, but after a quick Google I found this article on fixing the glitch in WordPress. Aaanyway, I’m also going to be moving to a self-hosted domain in the next few weeks, but when I have money. Exciting but it will most probably be stressful moving and redirecting my blog. If anyone has done a to move (I know most fashion bloggers use Blogger) please do get in touch!

Jumpsuit by Therapy @ House of Fraser

Cardigan by H&M

Loafers by Primark

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  1. September 21, 2011 23:34

    I love your cardi, i’ve not looked in H&M for ages, need to find myself some snuggly things for winter. Firefox is good! But mine starting quitting on itself :( No idea why that happens but hope it’s not a virus. I got rid of it and use Chrome now. xxx

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