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Recovery day

June 11, 2011


Thursday was difficult- I love my sleep. At night. During the day though, it’s a different story. My overnight was on Wednesday night, which means as soon as I got home at 8.15am I went straight to bed. I slept until 2. Not bad for me, but I had some help from a sleeping pill. As you can tell from the photos, I was pretty tired! Anyway, enough about my work schedule and sleeping patterns. I took a trip to Primark and bought a few pieces, not what I’m wearing here but they’ll make an appearance here soon I’m sure.


These shorts have done me well, I feel like I can wear almost anything with them. I think they’re slightly too big for me though… You see, I’m losing weight. Slowly, but very surely. I’ve been gaining weight over the past three years, since I starting going out with the boyf. I used to be a size 10, but now I’m a size 12-14, and for my height which is 5 foot 3 this does not make me feel good. I don’t often talk about my weight, except with the boyf who “loves me the way I am”, and I do definitely feel self-conscious about it. I do not feel comfortable in my own skin, and being told I was “obese” (ridiculous, I know, but I couldn’t ignore it!) was a turning point. I joined a gym and I’ve been thinking about what I eat. It’s nothing extreme, I still enjoy my food (trust me), but I want to slowly lose the weight so it hopefully stays off. Just so I’m comfortable again.

Yes, I have no mascara on. Scratchy tired eyes!

Top by New Look ; Shorts by New Look ; Leggings by Topshop ; Brogues by New Look ; Necklace by New Look

(…It seems like my whole wardrobe is from New Look!)

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