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Early morning woes

June 5, 2011


Look at me. Just look at me! I look an absolute mess. I apologise, but it was roughly 6.45am on a friday morning in these photos. So you’ll understand when I might look a little tired. I have to get up early everyday, you see. I’ve had to for years, it’s my job, but I still never get used to it. And by early I mean at the latest I can get up at 6. Sometimes I have to get up at 4.30AM!! Four thirty! So anyway, I went to see The Wizard of Oz on friday night, which is why this was taken at the start of the day. The performance was okay. Mediocre. Actually, I do not recommend it.

The shoes. The shoes! I’m totally not a shoe person, but these are so amaze. Peep toe? Massive bow? Oh yes. I got a hell good discount on them, so… be jealous.

I understand you’ve all recently seen the skirt in this post, but I am actually addicted to it. No apologies. But another thing I live in? This necklace. It actually goes with about 90% of my wardrobe, because it can be a harsh and a soft necklace. Love it. If it breaks, I will cry.

Tee by Primark ; Skirt by New Look ; Tights by New Look ; Pumps by Office ; Necklace by Primark

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