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Photos from the week

June 3, 2011

Random post today. No fashion, but a few photos I’ve been meaning to post. Tonight I’m watching The Wizard of Oz in the West End with my mum. A late birthday present (four months late!). From left to right: Bucket with artificial lavender from a window scheme I worked on ; mock-vintage frame from my Grandma- I loved the butterfly picture inside so much I decided not to change it! ; photo of me and my sister back in the day ; photo of my parents on their wedding day ; another lavender bucket ; “E” is for Emily.

Vintage jewellery tin- one of the many which stores my necklaces.

This one is holding “chunky and/or bright”.

Have you sampled Krówki? A polish fudge sweet, similar to Ducle de Leche. Lush!

This was in a coffee shop in Cambridge. I met my mum and dad for the day there last weekend.

I mentioned visiting Rosie’s in Brixton. Well right next door is a vegan cupcake shop called Ms Cupcake. This was Esthers cupcake (vanilla)…

… And this was mine! Fererro Rocher. Yums.


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