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May 30, 2011


I’m a procrastinator most of the time. For example, I was supposed to go to the gym an hour ago. Yet, here I am, still at home. Maybe that makes me a fat procrastinator…?

Today is a bank holiday, and tomorrow is my last day at work before I start at my new job. My new job is actually exactly the same as my current job… It’s just slightly more money in a different location. I worry about silly things… Like, how do I get in the building? Can I bring milk with me for my cereal? Can I bring cereal without looking like a dork? What do I wear?! which of course, is the most important question of all. You mustn’t overdo it, and even worse you mustn’t underdo it (hang on… is that even a word?).

Instead of worrying and ruining my day off, I will bake instead. To Morrisons the gym!

(Excuse this photo. But I thought I would post it, as it is an accurate representation of myself. I blame the boyf.)

Dress by Vero Moda ; Cardigan by New Look ; Leggings by Topshop ; Shoes by Primark ; Necklace by New Look ; Rebel Lipstick by MAC

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  1. May 31, 2011 13:23

    I really love that dress on you! x

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