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Midi Madness

May 29, 2011


Currently, I am living in this skirt. As a shorty (I am a grand total of five foot three) I’ve been told that I shouldn’t, under any circumstances wear a midi skirt. A definite no-no. But I’m rebelling, and I’m totally wearing the midi. Also, as a self-leg-hater, I think this length is a bit of a god-send. Because as much as I love a mini, I’m completely scared to wear them without tights which is a complete pain in the summer, as we all know. I’m wearing these with a legging underneath (as much as I wish I had removed them before the photos) as I cannot show “leg” at my workplace. Prudes.


The denim wedges are so comfy. I find at the moment that in most high-street stores I am in between sizes, and not many fashion brands stock halfsies (what sort of age do we live in?!) so when it comes to heels I have started to opt for a peep toe. This is purely for comfort reasons, as I have a slight hang up about my toes (excuse the naked nails please).

In case you don’t come to realise this in the future, I am a costume jewellery fiend. I can often be found perusing the stands in New Look, H&M and sometimes Topshop (but they are unreasonably expensive for the shit they sell nowadays). I love a bit of cheap, tatty bling. Massive rings, chunky necklaces, humongous earrings… not really a bracelet girl myself but won’t say no if offered one. Oh. I’m also absolutely awful at painting my nails. I can often go for a week or so without re-painting, so by the time I get around to it they are chipped to hell. I’m sure I’m not the only one. No?


Sheer top by Primark ; Midi skirt by New Look ; Leggings by Topshop ; Wedges by New Look ; Jewellery by New Look ; Girl About Town lipstick by MAC


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