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First post.

May 29, 2011

Well hello there.

I’ve been trying to start a fashion blog for a few months now. By trying to I obviously mean putting off. Don’t ask me why, but I feel like once I start a blog it’s going to ruin my experience of reading them. And I’m a big blog reader. But regardless of this, I have created one. Wardrobe Block. The title was by far the most difficult thing to think of. It took me weeks! I came up with some corkers, but as soon as I typed them into Google… yep. There it was. The blog who was thought of first. Unoriginal material. But here we are… finally.

Wardrobe Block is a reflection on those days when you get up, put your face on, brush your hair (or the other way round, it’s up to you)… Then stare at your copious amounts of clothes in your wardrobe/drawers/runner rails/walk-in wardrobe (I wish) with not an ounce of satisfaction or inspiration. It happens. I have a silly amount of clothes. I’m one of those (stupid?) people who prefers to spend their hard-earned ££’s on clothes rather than food. Then a has a few days weeks before payday when they have no money at all. I don’t starve, I just get my boyfriend to buy the food.

This all makes me sound rather superficial, but I’m not. I just love fashion!

So. What’s in the blog? Well, here you will find outfit posts, visual diaries and wish lists. I love high street, I follow designers. And by that I mean I know high street, but I admire designers. If you’re after D&G then this might not be the blog for you. If you’re after H&M– well, look no further. I am a high street girl through and through.

So, that’s my blog. I hope you stay, and please say hello. Hi.

Ps. I bought these shoes from Office the other day. Still not sure if I love them or not. Will have a ponder for a few days.

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